MP3 files from Corrie Bergeron aka Brendan O Corraidhe

My Bonnie Moorhen
1.77 Mb
Instrumental arrangement of a the traditional Scots song about Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Soal Cake
2,177,045 bytes
Traditional music and lyrics; arrangement based on versions recorded by The Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul, & Mary.

Karelia's Song / Iolo's Song
4,068,833 bytes
Music and Karelia's Song lyrics copyright 1980 David Watson
The tale of the song.

Wild Mountain Thyme
2.7 Mb
A sweet Scottish-style love song by Jimmy McPeake. Lyrics and guitar arrangement.

Silly and SCA-specific stuff:

Onion Soup Blues
2,427,507 bytes
Music and lyrics copyright 1985 Corrie Bergeron and Marietta duTandre'

Rising of the Star
"Traditional Ansteorran"

Damian's Lament
4.04 Mb
Music is from "The Blackbird" by Andy Stewart as performed by Silly Wizard. But the lyrics are mine - and it's a true story, I saw the whole thing. Everyone's entitled to a lapse in judgment, but this was a doozy! And at Crown Tourney, too. "Damian" was squired to one Sir Tarl Mapt. The events in the song unfolded, more or less as described. Tarl found out - again as described- and dragged the miscreant before the king at court that evening. (I think he was Inman II, but it was hard to keep track in those days). His Maj. pronounced sentence, more or less seriously. I wrote the song that evening - it seemed to bubble up unbidden. Sometimes songs are like that - they take you by the neck and demand to be recorded. When Tarl heard it, he ordered his poor squire to learn it. I didn't see him much after that; I think he quit the SCA. Bardic satire has done worse, the stories say.

Woad of Harlech
1.5 Mb
The tune is the traditional Welsh whip-em-up song. Lyrics: According to Master Ioseph's Black Book: Published in URSUS #111. Credited source; "The Royal Canadian Army Cadet Song Book." Thanks for the info, Rathflaed!

Dragon Road
After singing this thing for 20-odd years and having the MP3 posted for two, I've recently been told that the lyrics are by Cipriano deAlvarez of Iron Mountain, Merides. Again, thanks to Rathflaed for keeping me honest. Local variations I've heard include adding the words "...and STUPID!" after "..Lawful Good" in the chorus, and substituting "Weshman" for "Elf" in the first verse.


Arrangements and performances copyright Corrie Bergeron 1985-2002 . Music and lyrics copyright Corrie Bergeron 1985-2002 except where noted. If any of these files infringe on existing copyrights or other author's intellectual property rights, please contact Corrie Bergeron.